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Our youngest most versatile team!

We're Happy You Are Here!

Do you know of a younger athlete, age 6-10, that wants to be a part of our team? Gromlins, is just for them! Gromlins is for learning fundamentals, having a ton of fun, and acquiring basic tactics found in alpine racing, freestyle, park and freeride.  By exploring all of our disciplines, young athletes can discover their passion and, depending on their age, can continue onto the Freeride, Alpine Racing, or Freestyle teams. 

This is a 10-week Saturday program starting in December, held at Purgatory, (along with 6-night training sessions held at Hesperus and Chapman, TBD) from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Night sessions are 1.5 hours and held from 4:30-6:00pm during the weekday. 



In two week blocks we will focus on a learning techniques of alpine racing, freestlye skiing, park and pipe, and freeride. To ensure understanding and create excitement for the sport, we will be holding 4 internal races for our Gromlins Teams.  Each race will be coordinated with the associated team and older team members will be available to help guide, mentor and inspire our Gromlins. Depending on the weather our training schedule will look like this: 

Week 1-Introduction

Week 2-3 Alpine Race Focus with a Gromlins race on week 3

Week 4-5 Park and Pike Focus with a Gromlins competition on week 5

Week 6-7 Freestyle Focus with a Gromlins competition on week 7

Week 8-9 Freeride Focus with a Gromlins competition on week 9

Week 10 Celebration Scavenger Hunt